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Our culture is youth focused and the way that we glamourize youth as the only way to be beautiful has made growing old seem undesirable. But the reality is that we all want a long and happy life, and part of that is aging. Don’t get stuck being unhappy about what is an inevitable and enviable part of the human experience. Here are 10 reasons why growing old is a great experience.

  1. More Time for Important Things – Growing old means fewer responsibilities to others and more opportunities to do the things you love and be with the people you care about most.
  2. Being a Grandparent – You get all the fun and love without the majority of the responsibility of parenting.
  3. You Can Ditch Painful Fashions – No more painful heels and uncomfortably tight clothing. It’s important that you stay active, so wear whatever clothing makes you feel like going for a walk, riding your bike, or beating your grandchildren at tennis.
  4. Priorities Become Clearer – You don’t have time to waste on things that are stressful or make you unhappy. Don’t feel bad about ditching stress.
  5. Anger, Sadness, and Fear Disappear – Studies show that as we age, we feel negative emotions less often and less intensely.
  6. You’re Better at Decision Making – The toughest skills, such as managing emotions and making decisions, take the longest to hone. As we grow old, we get great at these things.
  7. Senior Discounts – Take advantage of all of them!
  8. Now You Know – Remember all those frivolous things that you used to stress out about when you were young? Looking back, isn’t it nice to know better now than you did when you were young?
  9. Happiness Comes More Easily – Research has demonstrated that we’re actually more emotionally stable and happier as we age.
  10. Elderly People Like Being Old – Sure, there are some disadvantages. But in general, elderly people describe the previous 5-10 years as the best and happiest of their lives.

You’ve made it this far. Be proud and grateful. All too many people pass away when they’re young, so enjoy the time you’ve got.

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