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May 4, 2016

Finding the right senior living community in Calgary for you or a loved one takes asking the right questions which takes time. Airdrie retirement home is ideal for residents who have some limitations in physical and/or cognitive health. Are you looking for a retirement community that is designed for seniors wishing to live an independent life close to family and friends?

Residents will want to have access to the following services at whatever senior living community in Calgary they decide to move into:

  1. Three meals per day in an elegant dining room.
  2. Weekly housekeeping including weekly linen service.
  3. 24-hour access to support staff and supervision.
  4. Complimentary access to an outdoor area with BBQ facilities.
  5. Complete facility maintenance.
  6. Snow removal.
  7. Free parking for residents and guests.
  8. Mail service.
  9. Guest suite.
  10. Ability to schedule transportation.

Make sure that whatever facility you decide upon meets provincial standards, and that all costs and services are specified as to what is included. Look for a written service policy and speak with the residents to see whether or not they are happy with the staff. A well designed facility caters to contemporary senior care needs and the community needs to always be clean and well kept.

Airdrie retirement home emphasizes independent living, but staff are always there for residents if they need us.  We offer a wide range of health care assistance and options, which means that our residents can stay with us through changing health care needs. Our services range from monitoring service to enhanced personal care depending on what is required. Our overarching aim is to provide an environment in which our residents can maintain their independence for a long as possible while providing the right level of service necessary for them to do so.

When researching Assisted Living residences in Airdrie, be sure that the senior retirement community is suited for specific health requirements, are governed by your provincial government, and most importantly, the facility should be able to evolve with your loved ones care needs. Once you have found a facility that can provide these qualities and services, have an open exchange conversation with your loved one, and plan a visit to their potential new home.

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