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As seniors transition to their new lives in retired bliss, they are frequently surprised by the new challenges they face when staying in their homes and communities. This is why many seniors choose to live in independent living communities. Here are some of the many advantages of living in a senior living community.

1) Social Connections
Neighbourhoods change over time. People move in and people move out. Many seniors find that their long-time friends have moved away and it’s harder to meet new people to spend time with. Seniors communities make meeting people so much easier.

2) Activities
Any good independent living community will have many activities scheduled for its residents. From church groups to hockey games, from singing nights to gardening, there’s simply more interesting things to do.

3) Downsizing
One of the great advantages is that it forces you to de-clutter and get rid of those things that aren’t necessities. You discover what things you really want to keep and can rid yourself of stuff you no longer need.

4) No more work around the house
Is there anyone who likes shovelling snow? No resident of a senior living community has to pick up a shovel, or clean the gutters, or mow the lawn. Everything is done for you, leaving you more time for fun.

5) Excellent Services
Some days we just don’t want to cook. At The Hamlets at Cedarwood Station, we will prepare meals for you in our dining room. Housekeeping and linen service is taken care of and we make sure your suite is as clean and tidy as you want it. There is also a Registered Nurse on call, just in case you need one.

So if you’re interested in seeing just how great life is at a senior community, come and talk to us at The Hamlets at Cedarwood Station. We can show you all these advantages and more.

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