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Balance, like any skill, is something that is learned and needs to continue to be practiced. Maintaining balance is important in avoiding nasty falls, which can lead to serious and sometimes life-threatening injuries. Following these balance tips can help lead to more confidence when walking for those in senior independent living in Airdrie.

Work on Balance Exercises

There are many exercises that can be down that help develop and maintain balance. Before starting out, make sure you consult with your doctor or caregiver to ensure you are strong and healthy enough to participate in these exercises. Specific balance related exercises include standing on one foot behind a chair that you grip for added balance. YOu can also work on balance by walking heel to toe, focusing on one spot ahead of you to help with balance.

Get your hearing and eyes checked

Believe it or not, hearing and eyesight both play a huge role in balance. Many eye condition such as glaucoma and cataracts can affect coordination, and hearing plays a primary role in balance. Having regular checkups with your optometrist can help to determine if you have any deficiencies, and how to help with them.

Use Support

Making use of a cane or walker is also an important way to help make you a more confident walker. Using these supports can help you to continue to be more mobile, while having some support that can save you from a nasty fall or tumble.

Follow these tips and you will be a more confident walker in no time at all.

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