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Ruth Doerr and Peggy Barr spend much of their day knitting, Not only for the enjoyment and the many therapeutic benefits of knitting, but also to do good and to give back to their community.

Ruth and Peggy on Global News

The two women are residents of our Hamlets at Cedarwood Station in Airdrie Alberta, where they have been diligently knitting together little baby blankets for many months now and plan on going for many more months to come. They often start knitting right after breakfast continuing until well into the evening.

The Stitchers started about 3 years ago after a generous donation of yarn.

A group got together and started working on different projects. They made shawls and blankets for the theater for residents to snuggle up under while watching movies and they made blankets for the bus so they could stay warm on winter trips.

The Hamlets at Cedarwood Station have different events that they put up a table of resident made projects and the Stitchers are part of that as well. The proceeds from the sale of the items are donated back to the community.

The Stitchers soon found out that people in and around Airdrie might be in need of some warm blankets, mitts, hand and such.

“We meet down in the lobby and start knitting until lunch,” Doerr said. “after lunch we start over again until supper. And then we go in our own suites.”

What drives these ladies to work so hard? The answer is a hard truth that the ladies would like to bring awareness to; All these blankets are going to help keep warm babies born in homeless shelters.

Ruth and Peggy donated 30 Baby Blankets to the Inn from the Cold shelter in downtown Calgary, where last year 13 babies were born in this one shelter alone.

Since this segment aired on Global News, many requests for help have come in and the ladies are willing and ready to get to work!

If you would like to help Ruth and Peggy to continue spreading warmth to those in need, they are asking for you to donate any extra yarn that you may have. You can drop off your donation at our Cedarwood Station location, please leave your name so we can share your good will when we drop off the completed projects. Together we can help make a difference.

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