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Alberta Care HomeCare homes are of great service to many dementia patients and their families in Alberta. A dementia care home in Alberta offers a way for clients to enjoy a high quality of life and continue to be independent and fulfilled without having to worry about security, safety, and medical needs. When living at home is no longer an option, a care home is a logical next step.

Here’s how to choose a dementia care home in Alberta.

Think about where your loved one would like to live. You should work together to choose a location in Alberta where other family members and friends will be able to visit, so your loved one does not feel isolated or lonely. Consider the visiting hours of the dementia care home — does it work with job schedules, public transit, and other considerations?

Food is an important part of anyone’s life, so be sure to choose a dementia home in Alberta that has great meal options and dining facilities. If you are able, visit the care home with your loved one to get the real experience of what life, including dining, is like at that particular location.

Be sure that your care home of choice is well equipped to handle dementia-related medical needs. From safety features to programming for clients with dementia, this should be a safe, supportive space for your loved one to thrive. Staff should have specific training and education in the field of dementia so as to offer the best care possible to your loved one.

Your loved one should feel comfortable in his or her living space, so consider privacy and comfort when touring facilities.

By highlighting the most important features and programs to you and your loved one, you should be able to come to a decision.

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