It’s something that many adults have to face—what do you say to your parents when it’s time for them to sell move into an Assisted Living Facility? There’s no easy way to approach this subject but here are some tips to help you convince them it’s their best choice:

1. Focus on what they’re gaining, not what they’re giving up
It’s normal to stress over moving out of the family home. But you have to remind them of what new experiences will come. At most Seniors Homes, they have activities and events happening all year round that will keep your parents active, excited, and enjoying life. There will be new friends, new things to do, and new places to go.

2. Ask the big “What If” questions
No one wants to bring this up with their parents, but you may find it useful to ask them some uncomfortable “What if…” questions. “What if your illness gets worse?” “What if you need medical assistance right away?” “What if we have another huge snowfall in Airdrie and you can’t get out of your house?” By asking those questions, you may find they start to see just what a benefit an Assisted Living Facility is.

3. Don’t try to convince them in one conversation
Just imagine if someone tried to convince you of making a life-changing decision at once. You’d be angry, resentful, and you’d probably stubbornly refuse. This is a conversation that should begin gently and, in the best case, before your parents need to move. Take your time and approach this slowly.

Your parents are facing a very stressful decision and it’s up to you to make it as easy as possible. By doing the right thing and listening to their needs, you can help them ease into a new chapter of their lives.

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