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We all have daily routines, whether it is that first cup of coffee in the morning, reading the morning news, or many other things. Many people are not aware that we are naturally programmed to develop these routines, as they tend to make us happier individuals.

You might be thinking this goes against the old saying that being caught in a routine can be boring. However, routines are important as they let us cope with an overwhelming amount of decisions that we face on a daily basis. Routines give us balance, and normalize our lives.

When people follow routines, they tend to be faced with the same, or similar, choices again and again. Choices can be difficult, stressful, and mentally draining. By following a routine and being presented with the same choices, we are able to make these decisions much easier. This helps to simplify life, which in turn results in an increased level of happiness.

However, as alluded to with the previous quote, too much routine could result in boredom. If someone only follows the exact same routine, day in and day out, that feeling of control and happiness could eventually be replaced. This is why a balance between routine and choice should be maintained.

For seniors living in care homes, having daily routines helps to promote happiness by making those everyday choices more familiar and simpler, providing an anchor of familiarity, reduction in confusion. However, some variety must be offered. This can be by providing choices in menu options at meals, entertainment, groups and events, and so on.

Daily routines do make us happier, and this is why so many people fall into them. Just be careful that we use our routines for the regular things, and allow some variety on the things that we really care about.

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