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Everyone has a favorite season – and for many, that season is fall. With the beautiful colors changing on the trees, and the cooler crisp air, it’s easy to see why so many people enjoy this season. In the spirit of embracing the seasonal change to autumn weather, here are some of the great things to look forward to as the days get cooler.

Holidays are Just Around the Corner

Now that summer is over, we have lots of great holidays to look forward to. Halloween tends to be a family favorite – seeing the kids dress up, enjoying some of our favorite treats. Also around the corner is Christmas time (or Hannukah, Kwanzaa, and many others!). December is a wonderful time full of love and celebration to look forward to.

Beautiful Weather and Atmosphere

The weather in autumn time is simply perfect – the mornings and evenings are crisp and cool, but the days are still often warm enough for just a light jacket. The trees change colours and some of them lose their leaves, which crunch underfoot when you are outdoors. New smells permeate the air as the rains come, offering a fresh feeling throughout.

Cozy Attitudes

Fall weather brings with it a desire to be downright cozy. Comfy sweaters, warm drinks, and curling up by the fire are activities that warm the soul and are expected with the changing seasons.

When the summer sun starts to set, and the fall weather begins to settle in, we have lots to look forward to. Fall weather often brings family together with celebration, plus the weather means we have a beautiful landscape to admire.

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