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It is almost a New Year, and with it comes a new opportunity to set new goals for healthy living. The Airdrie senior’s residences should set goals that focus on not only becoming healthy, but staying health.

One goal that Airdrie senior residences could set is to be more physically active. Physical activity doesn’t need to be running or heavy exertion. A simple goal such walking more and stretching daily can make a world of difference for the senior living in Airdrie. These activities not only help to control weight, but they build muscle and help maintain bone density, preventing diseases such as osteoporosis.

Another healthy goal for seniors in the New Year is give your brain daily workout. Just like your body, your brain is reliant on being used to stay healthy and strong. This goal could come in the form of reading more books, completing crosswords, working on puzzle, and most importantly, spending more time socializing with others.

Finally, another important goal for some would be reducing the intake of alcohol and quitting smoking. Excessive alcohol can cause depression, increase your chances of falling, cause sleeping problems, and possibly have adverse reactions with your medications. Smoking can cause hearth disease, and quitting will give you more energy and a better night’s sleep.

It is never too late for the seniors living in Airdrie to make and follow through on healthy goals in the New Year. Whatever your goals are, make sure you make them achievable and meaningful for you. Get support from others and make this the year to make the changes you have wanted to make.

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