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Assisted living is significantly different than home care and offers many advantages. In this blog article we would like to go over some of the differences between home care and assisted living.

Home Care

With home care, an individual lives at home but has a care professional come to their home for a designated amount of time on a regular basis. This allows for the individual(s) to stay in their place of residence but affords them some help in certain areas such as bathing, cooking, organizing, or helping with errands.

Assisted Living

With assisted living, one moves into a community that is designed to meet the specific needs of the residents there. That means that help is always just a phone call away, and most of the activities in daily life are made easier.

An assisted living community would have regularly scheduled outings for shopping and activities that happen on a recurring basis. Meals are typically prepped and eaten together with others. This means that the resident does not have to cook as much or worry about the nutritious balance of foods.

Another major advantage of the assisted living choice is the social aspect. Someone who lives alone with an occasional home care visit may feel very alone. In an assistant care environment not only are meals take together but there are plenty of other scheduled activities whose purpose is to help socialize residents, and have them feel like they are surrounded by caring individuals.

Assisted living is quite different from home care, but depending on the circumstances, assisted living may be a much better solution to the problems of aging and requiring a little bit more care.

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