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Holiday visits, especially when these involve grandchildren, can be both exciting and exhausting. This is a great chance for those in Airdrie & Calgary senior retirement home living to create new memories for all involved. Planning ahead and coming up with fun activities can help to get the most out of these holiday season visits.

Go Gift Shopping Together

Going shopping together with the grandchildren can create a fun, enjoyable day. Focus this shopping trip on finding gifts for mom and dad, or perhaps a sibling, rather than for themselves. Do not let this stop you from letting them pick out a little something that they would want as well. This can create a memory filled day for everyone.

Share Photo Albums

Looking through photo albums together is not only a fun activity, but also a good chance for the children to learn more about their family history. Plan ahead and choose photos that can also be accompanied by stories, as young children love this.

Play Fun Games

Planning ahead by choosing some fun board games, card games, or similar activities to share with the grandchildren is another great way to get the most out of any visit. This is a great chance for kids to learn a new game, which may become a favorite. It also is a good chance to have a conversation, which can normally be difficult for children.

Planning ahead will no doubt let you get the most out of the holiday season visits with your grandchild this year. Living in an independent living community does not mean life needs to boring or uneventful, so plan ahead to make sure you create new memories for you, and the children.

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