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living assistanceCalgary is a lovely city and people who live here want to stay. When the time comes that assistance is necessary, families and seniors in Calgary want the very best in a residential care facility.

Individual Care

It is important for a residential care facility to support its residents with activities suitable to their physical capabilities, and seniors will look for a facility that will provide a wide-range of amenities that are individualized to their specific needs and abilities.

Residents need individual plans that are developed by a residential care facility that knows that these plans will evolve as the residents age.  It is critical that residents receive individual care with respect, affection, and compassion. A facility should be able to notice when needs change and be able to respond accordingly.

The best residential care programs are designed for various levels of abilities: physical, mental and emotional.  When anything changes in a resident’s abilities, well-trained, observant staff notice and talk with resident and / or the family so that the change is effectively addressed.

A Suite of Five-Star Amenities and Services

Other sought-after services that seniors value include:

  • Top quality dining services and delicious meals.
  • Certified care staff around the clock with a registered nurse on call.
  • Emergency support and response.
  • Optional health services.
  • Daily, organized recreation and socialization activities.
  • Scheduled exercise.
  • Scheduled outings.
  • Housekeeping and laundry services.

Transitioning from independent living to a residential care facility is a big life change, one that is complex and challenging for all those involved. A facility needs to be set up to help not only the aging family member who is transitioning, but also their relatives.  Relatives need to know that their beloved parent or other cherished relative is in the best possible place to live out the rest of their life.

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