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For seniors, getting around Airdrie can be a challenge. One of the toughest adjustments to make after moving into an assisted living facility is the loss of transportation. Many seniors give up their vehicles and must rely on others to get where they need to go.

But for someone living in an Airdrie seniors home, transportation need not be a burden or a challenge. There are a number of options to contemplate. But remember that there are also considerations to think about before deciding which one to use.

Transportation Options
There are a number of companies in Airdrie and Calgary that offer transportation assistance. Businesses such as ComForCare and Seniors To Go will drive seniors to where they want to go, offering companionship and assistance. Taxi service is also available.

seniors transportation options Airdrie AB

Public transport is very effective and affordable in Airdrie, with buses that run on continual loops around the city as well as the Intercity Express Service (ICE), which runs from Airdrie to Calgary 24 hours a day. From Cedarwood, it’s less than 300 metres to the closest bus stop on 8th Street NW so many seniors choose to start their trip with a nice, brisk walk.

For those seniors unable to use the regular transit service, there is also ACCESS Airdrie, which is a shared ride, curb-to-curb service within city limits. Users need to apply for eligibility and have their health care professional complete a medical assessment.

Transportation Considerations
As already mentioned, a senior’s mobility is a huge consideration. Can the person use regular public transit or do they need special assistance? Can they handle the walks from bus stop to where they need to go? Do they require someone coming with them? These questions must be answered before deciding what to do.

At H&H Cedarwood, we encourage our residents to stay active and move around the beautiful city of Airdrie. Check out our calendar to see what we’re doing to support their lives.

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