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Games do not have to be outside, at an arena, or on a soccer pitch. There are many excellent games and activities available for seniors to participate in while indoors. For seniors independent living in Airdrie, the benefit of indoor games can be just as rewarding as outdoor games, from physical, to mental and cognitive health increase. Here are some great indoor games you could try out.


This is a classic game that many play and few master. You do not have to possess the intelligence of a young Einstein to enjoy a game of chess. Not only does the strategy promote thinking and brain health, but by playing a game against a friend, or even nemesis, it encourages social interaction which increase mood and overall well-being.

Crosswords and Sudoku

Both of these pen and paper puzzles are easily accessible, with a seemingly infinite number available online, or as a cheap $2 book at a dollar store. As with chess, both of these games challenge you to think, which is excellent exercise for your brain. They can also be social, when you ask friends or family for help or assistance.


Yoga is not necessarily a game, but it is an excellent indoor activity that carries great physical and emotional health benefits with it. Not much is needed to enjoy yoga indoors, outside of maybe a yoga mat, loose clothing, and some knowhow. If you have never tried Yoga before, now might be a great time to join a class or learn how. After you have learned some basics, you can practice anytime, anywhere.

There are so many more indoor games for senior home living in Airdrie. If you are unsure what to do, start by talking to your friends and fellow residents and participate in all the fun events offered in the Seniors home in Airdrie.

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