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The cold, icy winters can provide challenge and make life more difficult for anyone, especially for those in senior assisted living in Airdrie. Cold conditions pose all sorts of risks for injury and illness, so here are some winter safety tips for Airdrie seniors.

Watch for Ice

Falls are a common occurrence for senior citizens, and this is exasperated during the icy winter months. Falls can lead to fractures, and many other injuries. To help avoid nasty winter falls, make sure you wear shoes with excellent traction, and avoid going outside during icy conditions. Also, wet winter conditions can be tracked inside and wet shoes are more slippery, so make sure if you do venture outside, you ensure your footwear is dry before venturing on indoor floors.

Dress Accordingly

If you do decide to travel outside during the winter months, you need to dress accordingly. The risk of hypothermia is increased in seniors, so you must make sure that you dress in layers. Wear heavy wool socks, a warm hat and coat, and even gloves and a scarf.

Stay Active

Another risk that winter brings with it is the risk of becoming stationary. Staying active during the cold months can be difficult, so you need to be proactive and find new ways to remain both physically and mentally active. Being active not only fights winter depression, but also keeps your body and mind ticking. There are lots of indoor activities to participate in, so find something that you enjoy.

For senior living in Airdrie, the winter can be more challenging months. However, for this winter, if you follow these safety tips, you can remain safe, healthy and happy.

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